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Why Helmet is very important

29 Sep , 2017  

Author : Frederick Martin A. Ilagan

Ok not a a good selfieshot at all!! Heheh but just wanted to share something to my fellow cyclist about wearing a helmet…..



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Ok I know some riders doesn’t like wearing helmets at all honesty i don’t understand why those guys don’t wear helmets its our first line of defense on the bicycle. It’s protecting the most important part of our body….. Some may say its not cool it feels heavy or hot…. For so many years of research and development manufacturers had been releasing great helmet designs that will not only provide riders with so much comfort, helmets are not only light on the head, provides great air flow, comfort,protection and most importantly it looks so damn cool nowadays, with different graphics wild colors that will not only look cool on your head but will let pedestrians and drivers see you on the road …. But lets get to the real reason why I posted this…

For so many times I’ve seen people wearing their helmets the wrong way. I admit i was the same before but with studies and experience i was able to learn how to properly wear it… Ok first the helmet should fit snug on you head… Why? You wanna make sure its not too loose cause you dont want it moving around and you wanna make sure its steady on your head so if you crash it will remain in place to protect the areas that it’s designed to protect ….

Fit: Snug, not too loose not too tight… Too loose will make it move around, too tight will restrict proper blood flow…

Straps: enough tightness. But not so much. You wanna make sure you can still easily open your jaw… Tight straps can restrict breathing….

Helmet position: helmets are designed to protect the face and the back of your head from impact you want to make sure the front of the helmet has 1-2cm of space from your eyeglasses or eyebrows why? Cause its made to take good care of your beautiful face to prevent the mouth nose and specially the temple from hitting the ground so as you fall forward face first the front part of the helmet will be the first to hit the ground therefore limiting the damage or injury on your face…. But you dont want to tilt it too far forward as you want to make sure the back of you head is still protected if ever it hits the ground first… Helmets are made to crack and break on impact because its how it dampens the impact to your head…. Just like those crumple zones on new cars… They are designed to absorb the energy in a crash… So for example you had a crash even light one and your helmet crack or broke it means it did its job by absorbing the impact. And you should thank your helmet for it…
Suomy Timeless Helmet

Eye glass position: ok this has been a debate for a long time on why pros put the frames outside of the straps of the helmet… Some says for aerodynamics could be. Cause it prevents the helmet straps from flapping some says its for sponsoring so people can see the brand of the helmet they are using… Possible but the main purposes of it is to make sure that when a rider gets into a crash the eyeglass will get thrown out of the face of the rider and not dig into it. In this way it will protect the riders eyes and prevent shattered glass or frame from hitting the eyes or face… So always wear the eyesglasses(shades)with the frame over of the strap ….

So remember always wear a helmet and don’t go cheap in it cause it’s your head that its protecting!!

Next post will be about helmet designs and its advantages. Thanks guys!!!

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