Century Tuna Tri Hard

Century Tuna Tri Hard

2006 – 2010 Sunkist Tri Hard
2011 – 2016 Century Tri Hard

To promote triathlon as well as share all the values inherent in athletes such as sportsmanship, honesty, team spirit, camaraderie, perseverance and discipline to all our members and competitors.

Tri Hard Triathlon Team is a group of professionals bound together by their passion for Triathlon and MultiSports. We regularly train together in order to help push ourselves to reach our limits and goals. It’s in that period of “suffering” where we find ourselves transcending simple team borders and transforming into a real brotherhood and sisterhood. Together with our partners and sponsors, we endeavor to give back to the MultiSport Community through regular Tri Clinics and the support of local athletes/events.

Robert Crespo



Century Subic 70.3 March 3
Tri United Series 1, 2, 3 and 4
Whistler Full IM Vancouver
Taiwan Full IM

Nikko Huelgas

2015 Sea games GOLD
2015 Asian Championships 9th overall
2016 Duaman 1st place overall

George Vilog
2016 Podium

Triman 1st place AG
5150 1st place AG
Duaman 2nd Place AG
Subit 2nd place AG
NAGT 1st place AG

2015 Podium

TU3 Biking Distance
1st place AG
Subit 2nd place AG
Century 70.3 Relay 3rd place


Century 5i50 june 2014, 3rd best team performance
Century 70.3 mar 2015, 3rd best team performance
Century 70.3 mar 2015 3rd relay all female
Bolinao apr 2015 1st relay mixed
Zamba tri+1 1st relay mix May 2015

Evangeline Endaya

2016 Podium

VIP Swim 5k, June 12 – 2nd in age group
Regent 5i50 Triathlon, June 5 – 3rd in age group
SuBit, April – 3rd in age group
NAGT Subic, February 2016 – 2nd in age group
Tri United 1 Sprint, February 2016 – 1st in age group
Yellow CAB DIY OWS, January 2016 – 3rd in age group
SBR.ph Annual Awards Female Triathlete of the Year

2015 Podium

Tri United 2, July 2015 – 3rd in age group
ASTC SuBit May 2015 – 2nd in age group
Regent 5i50 June 2015 – 3nd in age group
Challenge Phils February 2015 – 3rd in age group
SBR.ph Annual Awards Female Triathlete of the Year

Chang Hitalia


Ironman langkawi Sept 2nd
Tu2 july 1st
Subit apr 1st
Challenge feb 2nd


Challenge Subic 70.3 1st place age group
Century Tuna IM 70.3 2nd place age group
ASTC Subic Bay Triathlon 1st place age group
Tri United 2 1st place age group
Challenge Camsur 70.3 1st place age group
Atleta Ako All Women’s Aquathlon 2nd place age group
Milo Manila Elimination (21k) 2nd place overall
Pinoy Fitness Sub-2 Challenge 3rd Place – Wave 1
Condura Skyway Marathon (21k) Finisher 1:53 Time
Chicago Marathon Finisher 4:09:00


NAGT Standard Distance 1st place age group
Century Tuna IM 70.3 1st place age group
ASTC Subic Bay Triathlon 2nd place age group
Regent 5150 1st place age group
Tri United 2 1st place age group
DIY Swim Challenge 1st place age group
Atleta Ako All Women’s Aquathlon 1st place age group
Asia Masters Athletic Championship Singapore (Track and Field PH Team)
5000m – Silver 50-54
1500m – Bronze 50-54
4x400m Relay – Bronze
Condura Skyway Marathon (21k) – Finisher 1:51

Carol Lorenzo

DIY Dec 2014 3rd olympic
TU3 oct 2014 3rd 70.3
Bolinao Tri Apr 2015 2nd standard duathlon
TU3 Oct 2015 2nd triking
Duaman, 3rd AG, May 2016, Nuvali
5k ViP swim challenge, 3rd overall female, June 2016, Lobo

Anna Rodriguez Dela-Cruz

Dagupan Invitational Triathlon, 2nd place 35-39 age group, april 2014.
Mayon Tri Sept 2015

Cicel Reyna

Champion Philmex Baguio 21k female category 2015
Mt. Sanay 100k road race Oct 2015 2nd

Gryf Olfindo

TU 4 2015 AG 35-39 1st
Yellow Cab DIY OWS – AG 35-39 – 2nd
NTT ASTC Subit – 1st
Open Water Challenge – Leg 2 – 3km Women Individual – 3rd
Regent 5i50 – 3rd
VIP Swim Challenge 2.5km – 3rd
Tri United 2 2016 – 3rd

Noel Mondero

Tigasin tri Bolinao apr 2015 2nd
Aboitiz Tri Sept 2015 2nd

Nella Bacsal

DIY DEC 2014 2nd
SCTEX Duathlon Sept 2015 3rd
BI3 Nov 2015 3rd largo

Alexandra Faith Garcia

Century 70.3 mar 2015 3rd
La Union run 2nd place 10km run female category

Tiffany Batilo

2nd AG ASTC SUBIT. 2016
Atleta ako aquathlon – 2nd 2016
Ateneo aquathlon 1st 2016
Condura skyway 10km -3rd 2016

Robert Crespo

Apr 2015 Tigasin Tri Bilinao 2nd Place

Elaine Andaya

3rd Overall female ViP swim challenge, May 2016

Full Ironman Finishers

Eric Tan -2x Langkawi
Jerome Buhay-Langkawi
Louie Carballo-226 Bohol, Langkawi, Spain
Manny Mondero-Langkawi, Spain, Whistler
Jonas Gopaco-Langkawi
Jay Bacsal-Langkawi
DC dela Cruz-Langkawi
Dino Segundo-Langkawi, Cairns
Ivan Fojas -2xLangkawi, Cairns
Greg Banzon -Taiwan
Vanj Endaya-Langkawi
Raymond Ordoveza -226 bohol
Reagan Diaz-Arizona, UK, Whistler
Robert Crespo-Spain, 226 Bohol
Ryan Angeles- Langkawi

Century Tuna
Gold’s Gym

Clinica Os Habitares
Vacation Villas at Subic Homes
Team Spyder
Big Ass Fans
Speedworks Engineering

Team Captain: Robert Crespo 09175845639
Carol Lorenzo 09178014490
Anna Dela Cruz 09178572890

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